Our Commitment to Each Other

Our Commitment to You

Our Team will act with integrity, honesty, and openness in everything we do for and with you.

Our Team will absolutely respect the confidentiality of our working relationship.

Our Team will return your phone calls as soon as possible.  You will notice that we do not screen our phone calls…we want to talk to you.

Our Team will meet the deadlines we set.  (In the case of circumstances outside of our control, we will let you know well in advance of our dilemma).

You will always know in advance our fee for any special assignment.

Your Commitment to Us

You will be open, frank, and honest with us at all times.  You will let us know immediately of any concerns you have about our work together.

You will give us all the information we need to do our work on a timely basis.

You will make time available to work on the items you’ve agreed to work on.

You agree to listen to any advice we offer (and we acknowledge your right to reject that advice).

You will give consideration to referring us to at least two other business owners whom you believe would benefit from an association with us.