Commercial Mortgages

Looking for a lender to finance commercial real estate?

Purchase, Refinance, Equity Take Out. We can help!

With years of commercial lending experience we can build a solution to meet your needs.

Financing Possibilities:

  • Purchase of owner-occupied land and buildings.

  • Construction of owner-occupied premises and revenue producing properties.

  • Expansion of existing premises.

  • Equity take out.

  • Single use and special use properties, such as churches, service stations, etc.

  • Purchase/refinance of revenue producing properties, such as multi-purpose, industrial, office, commercial, mobile homes, retail and multi-residential (5+ units) properties.

  • Hospitality properties, such as hotels, motels & restaurants.

  • Mortgage of Lease: financings located on leased land such as airport and reservations.

Every commercial mortgage is unique.  Call us to discuss your requirements.

An expression of interest requires:

  1. Background on borrowering company, individuals (why,who,what?).
  2. Use of Funds Summary.
  3. Financial Statements for company-3 years.
  4. Individual Personal Net Worth Statement.  Vector PNW PDF
  5. Requested amount, term, amortization.
  6. Summary of property income.
  7. Any digital pictures of the property(a picture is worth a thousand words).

Commitment will folllow upon submission of:

  1. Appraisal of the property/properties.  We often can use dated appraisals, so please present them prior to ordering new ones. 
  2. Environmental Phase 1.
  3. Inspection of the property Vector Pacific.