Construction & Development Loans

Searching for a lender who understands construction and development loans?

We can assist!

We remain active in the land development and spec construction financing market.

Financing Possibilities:
  • Construction financing up to 85% of land & construction costs.
  • Raw land financing.
  • Spec project funding available for:
              - Condo projects.
              - Single family homes.
              - Residential and commercial subdivisions.
              - Commercial projects.

Each development & construction financing is unique. Call us to discuss your requirements.

An expression of interest requires:
    1. Background on purchasing company, individuals (why,who,what?).
    2. Purchase Agreement.
    3. Financial Statements for Purchaser-3 years.
    4. Individual Personal Net Worth Statement.  Vector PNW PDF.
    5. Requested amount, term, amortization.
    6. Current state of zoning, rezoning information, documentation from the City.
    7. Blueprints, and Construction Budget.
    8. Background on Builder, General Contractor.
    9. Current value, expected future valuation.
    10. Any digital pictures of the property (a picture is worth a thousand words).

Commitment will folllow upon submission of:

  1. Appraisal of the property/properties.   We often can use dated appraisals, so please present them prior to ordering new ones. 
  2. Environmental Phase 1. 
  3. Geotechnical Report (soils report).
  4. Inspection of the property by Vector Pacific.