Commercial Leasing

Leasing is a cost-effective method of financing your equipment needs. Leasing solutions are available for Canadian businesses looking to finance such things as medical equipment, construction equipment, commercial aircraft, office furniture and much more.

Leasing can help your business by:

  • Allowing you to acquire equipment while preserving your working capital.

  • Simplifying your budget. Our funders can structure the terms of your lease through regular fixed monthly payments.  These can be matched to the cash flows generated by the equipment you financed, as well as through the useful life of your equipment.

  • Offering possible tax advantages. Lease payments can be tax deductible.  The after-tax cost of leasing equipment may be more economical than other financing alternatives.

Did you know?

  • Many of our funders offer up to 100% financing for the cost of your business equipment, including taxes and installation.

  • We have access to a variety of leasing terms and features.

  • Leasing is available for a wide range of business equipment.

You can compare the costs of leasing vs. buying.  Try this calculator provided by the Government of Canada:

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