Who is Vector Pacific?

Vector Pacific has been providing customized mortgage solutions since 1996. Formed to fill the niche that was created by Institutions being bound by policies, Vector Pacific is considered to be one of the top Non Institutional Mortgage Funders in British Columbia. We pride ourselves on providing a common sense approach to uncommon lending situations and on giving life to financial opportunities that borrowers would not otherwise have access to.

Vector Pacific manages Pacific Coast Mortgage Investment Corporation which is a pool of funds set up to lend on a Non Institutional basis. A typical mortgage will have us helping a home builder who doesn't meet the stringent Institutional requirements; assisting a business owner purchase their own premises while not demonstrating cash flow which meets Institutional requirements to simply helping individuals with credit issues that Institutions will not.

In addition to funding mortgages with our own funds we also operate a Commercial Brokerage Arm. Vector Pacific maintains professional relationships with many of the Institutional Lenders. These relationships have been formed over many years, when lenders "don't like to say no" they recommend Vector Pacific as an alternative for Non Institutional Mortgages. This relationship permits Vector Pacific to keep on top of each Institution's loan appetite allowing us to properly match the commercial borrower with the correct commercial lender. If you are a broker we would be pleased to co-broker commercial transactions with you. Ask us about our program.

Vector Pacific Mortgage Corporation was incorprorated in British Columbia and operates under the regulations created by the Financial Insitutions Commission of British Columbia.  Vector Pacific is a member of the Mortgage Investment Association of British Columbia (MIABC), Canadian Institue of Mortgage Brokers & Lenders (CIMBL) and the Mortgage Brokers Association of British Columbia (MBABC).

Did you know? ... 40% of Canadians will get Cancer! We at Vector Pacific find that number unacceptable and are corporately committed to funding Cancer Research through the Ride to Conquer Cancer. Proceeds from the Ride to Conquer Cancer go to BC Cancer Foundation to support Cancer Research. If you too find this number unacceptable,


 Did you know..

... that Vector Pacific provides two critical lending solutions-firstly we have our own Non Institutional Mortgage Fund and secondly we act for commercial borrowers looking for the best financing terms and conditions with Institutional Lenders.

...that our Commercial Fund will do mortgages as small as $150,000.00 and as large as $3,000,000.00

...that our Funds allow flexibility in Interest Only loans allowing you to preserve your working capital.

...that our Funds have a responsive, decisive, local Lending Committee for the convenience of our Borrowers.

...that our Funds will allow 100% financings when we are in first position.


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