Did you know.....

... that Vector Pacific provides two critical lending solutions-firstly we have our own Non Institutional Mortgage Fund and secondly we act for borrowers looking for the best financing terms and conditions with Institutional Lenders.


...that our Commercial Fund will do mortgages as small as $150,000.00 and as large as $3,000,000.00


...that our Fund allows flexibility in Interest Only loans allowing you to preserve your working capital.


...that our Fund has a responsive, decisive, local Lending Committee for the convenience of our Borrowers.


...that our Fund will allow 100% financings when we are in first position.


...that we will do second mortgages up to 75% loan to value.


...that we allow companies with challenged financial statements to purchase or refinance real estate.


...that we will do equity takeouts to add working capital to those companies in need.


...that we have financed properties out of foreclosure before.


...that we provide Inventory Loans for projects not selling quickly.